Ryan Ingebritsen

The Written Works of Composer and Sound Artist Ryan Ingebritsen

This is where you can purchase and download scores, parts, electronic media, and detailed instructions with which to perform the works of Composer Ryan Ingebritsen.

About Ryan Ingebritsen:

Composer, sound designer, and electronic performer Ryan Ingebritsen’s music and sound art focus on the multi-dimensional aspects of sound while attaining a degree of clarity and lyricism to permeate and reveal the musical structures he creates. Though grounded with an education of the classical musical cannon of the 20th century, Ingebritsen’s music stands with both feet firmly planted in the 21st.  Challenging performers and audiences to extend beyond themselves into the realm of interaction with visual, electronic, and natural experience, his music provides audiences a window to observe our multi-dimensional universe through the interplay and interaction of sound.