The Written Works of Composer and Sound Artist Ryan Ingebritsen

Reparametrizaiton 6: A Harmonious Concinnity

ID: SM-000335333
Alternative title A Harmonious Concinnity
ComposerRyan Ingebritsen
PublisherRyan Ingebritsen
Year of composition 2015
Genre Classical / Electroacoustic
Instrumentation Clarinet, Bass Clarinet, Live electronic
Type of scoreFull score
Duration 17'0"
Difficulty Difficult
Description For Bass and Bb Clarinet with Real-Time Electronic Manipulation. Intended for an 8.2 3D sound system. Can be performed with regular quadrophonic or stereo systems as well.
Upload date 04.06.2018


Sheet music file
20.00 USD
ZIP, 596.0 Kb


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